Monday, March 9, 2015

So we have decided to leave Etsy.....

So we have decided to leave Etsy.....

Why you ask?

After almost 6 years on Etsy for my crochet shop, things are just not working for us. 
Change is the only constant.  Its time for us to evolve too. 
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expect different results."  ~Albert Einstein
Honestly, we felt we had lost something with our customers on Etsy.  Let me explain, it wasn't the customers!  It was the way Etsy had, well, changed. 
Let's face it I cannot compete with sellers who have professional photographers and models, items that are made for pennies abroad, and prices that are falling......
I have made high quality handmade items as a way to share my vision and art form and connect with the people I sell to.  I do custom work.  I hand make each item with that person in mind.  Etsy, for us at least, had lost that connection, by allowing larger businesses that were not selling handmade items.  There is nothing wrong with selling items made abroad, or that are even pre-manufactured.  But I don't want to compete with those sellers, for sales, for views, for spotlights or features. 
Truth is, I don't feel valued by Etsy.
Etsy used to have a very supportive and education based community.  We feel it has lost that.

We have no regrets, we enjoyed learning a lot about running my business, it put us in touch with people we would not have otherwise known, it has given us income even.  For all that, we are very grateful.

So, where are we going now?
Well, that is a tough question to answer.  I honestly haven't found another online handmade marketplace that lives up to the standards that Etsy had set.  For now, my designs are available on Ravelry and Craftsy.
We are still selling our handmade wares from both The Art of Zen Crochet and The Art of ReZen shops on our facebook page. 
I feel with the facebook page I can still connect, chat and interact with my fans and customers.  Which is what I really want....

Connection for the people we are creating for.......... 

So, I leave it at that.  I am ever so thankful for all of our followers, likes, comments, shares, and support for living "our handmade dream".

Chriss and Tom


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  3. Just stumbled upon your blog. You are very talented, don't give up! Maybe find another way to sell your crochet scarves, etc...? Saw this recently, All the best! Namaste