Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Have you seen our new Button Shop??

I want to introduce a new shop my partner and I recently opened together.
For a few years I had been buying my buttons from another amazing Etsy Shop.  But when my Partner suggested we make some of our own, I knew deep down I wanted to try!
Let me tell you there was a learning curve to working with reclaimed wood, but once we got some details sorted out I knew we were on to something really amazing!
This also became an activity we did together!  Tom and I are both avid Gardeners.  He loves wood work too.  I also enjoy finishing things, I am not so into the power tools!  I cut a lot of the buttons, he sands and drills and then we sit a finish them with Orange Oil and Bees Wax or a new finish we made ourselves from Local Bees wax and Coconut Oil!  Both are fantastic!
There is something so enchanting about watching wood come to life, finding the patterns, spalting, rings and markings that makes each one unique. 
Here is the link to our new Pride and Joy!  Please have a look around and share all you like:

We have some other plans for the shop, I did add some of my hand painted Hemp Wool Yarn.  And we are planning some more items made from reclaimed wood.

All the wood we use is fallen tree branches from our yard and surrounding area, and sometimes necessary pruning for the health and safety of our trees and us.
Have a great day and Happy Creating!!