Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Cycles and the Winter Solstice.........

This winter more than ever I have been paying attention to cycles in my life, a new awareness so to speak.  I have noticed that like the plants and animals I have less energy in the winter.  Less energy to cope with stress, to be physically active, even to create.   At times I find myself fighting this nature.  Even though deep down I know that if the kettle is always boiling, sooner or later the water evaporates.
I do notice that I seem to be a in cycle of reflecting, on what I want, where I was, what happened, how I felt, I am practicing or putting ideas into practice.  I am hibernating, slowing down some.  This is ok.  I need to recharge my creative center, my soul.

I know that I go through times where I don't create anything new.  I make items that I have already mastered, just enjoying the repetition and zen like quality I get from something so familiar and simple, easy.  These are the times that I cherish as much as I do when I am exploring new ideas and experimenting. 
I cannot create and explore new ideas and inspirations all the time.  I cannot force them to come to fruition either.  The more I force them, the more stuck I feel.  These are times I need to retreat and find quiet, to rest with my ideas and nurture them.

How am I going to do this:  Eating warm and spicy food, walking, warm baths, meditating, just enjoying the slowness of winter.  Reminding myself daily that there is a time for planting, for growth, for pruning, for harvesting and for rest.
When I am creating I am making items that are not overly taxing on me.  Just sitting and cuddling with my children, reading books.  Cooking simpler meals even that I am not slaving over, but that are nourishing.

Being gentle with myself, understanding that I too need to have my cup filled once again.
That the things that really matter are the people I love in my life.  Not how much money I have, not how fancy of a car I drive, not the uber trendy clothes I pay too much for, not what I give people except, of myself.  My love, my attention, my acceptance, my understanding, my compassion, my laughter, my ability to listen, my hugs and kisses, my smiles, my tears, my silence, my dreams, my nightmares, my hopes, my fears, my strength, my grace, my kindness, my virtues.

My cup is really always full, I just lack the perception to conceive of it.

Shima and Shanti,



  1. Beautiful photos for beautiful words. Taking the time to listen to our bodies and take care of ourselves is the single most important thing we do in our life. We mess that up, and everything else follows.

  2. The older I get, the more I understand the cycles I go through in my own life. I'm currently going through a time where I'm feeling creative and connected. I think that's why I'm blogging more often :) p.s. I gave your blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. See my blog for all the info <3