Friday, June 18, 2010

New: smaller Hemp Produce Sacs, and a Spiel on our plastic/petroleum consumption

Hemp Produce Sac in Smaller sizes are now available in my Etsy shop here:
Its the same Great Hemp I use on the Larger Bags

Saying to "No" Plastic has become a newer mission.  Why?
 Well,  our demand for plastic drives up the demand for oil, as does our demand for any and all petroleum products.

Reduce.  Reuse. Recycle.
Reduce.  If I reduce my plastic consumption considerably by no longer using plastic in the produce section, how does this effect my dependence on Petroleum?  How about if I can considerably cut my plastic usage for all my food and household needs?  Maybe one person doing this isn't such a big deal.

So now, I dedicate myself to making an available alternative to plastic in the produce section that is all natural reuseable, light weight, stashable, washable, easy to use, handmade and made from an earth friendly product.  Don't get me wrong there are some other wonderful alternatives out there.

Are these bags perfect? Or are they a solve all?
No,  you are going to have to remember to bring them with you shopping, ask the cashier to subtract the "tare weight" (Tare weight is the weight of the bag or container when empty. It's usually a legal requirement for stores to subtract the weight of the empty container when weighing your produce or bulk purchase.) at the check out, wash them, and then remember to have them ready again for next time.

Frankly, it sounds like a pain, right?

Not any more painful than our increasing dependence on Petroleum products, and we are all pretty aware what effect that is having on the Planet, wildlife, our economies, politics (WAR), and the future as a whole.  What are we leaving our children and our children's children?  What is happening to the health of our wildlife,  including many fragile eco systems and that of our Food?  

Truth is, we can all learn to make small changes everyday that add up to a big change in the end.  I think we are worth it.  
  "Nothing in life worth doing is easy."                                       

I am not asking you to purchase my bags, or even other alternative bags available.   I am only asking you to consider the effects  your dependence on plastic and petroleum products has on our World.
Let's start reducing our Plastic/Petroleum dependence today, to make for a healthier tomorrow.


  1. Brilliant stuff! I love my reusable bags, we've cut down our plastic bags from about 10 a fortnight to the odd one that sneaks by occasionally.
    I'll bet your bags will fold up really small and can fit in a handbag too - very handy!