Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lettuce on my window sill, Living the Handmade Life.......

I have never been one to crochet a dishcloth, but I have recently found myself doing many things I thought I was above doing.  The more this is happening, the more I am realizing that my business and I are evolving.

I want to crochet a dishcloth, and a dish towel, a market bag and a scrubbie for the dishes or scrubbing the bathtub all made from hemp.  And I want to use them and then if they pass all the tests, I want to offer them for sale in my shop.  I won't sell anything in my Etsy shop (or anywhere else, for that matter) that I myself will not use.

One of my tests is bringing to my business what I stand for personally: 
I don't buy windex, I use vinegar to wash my windows.  I don't buy tide or sunlight for the laundry, I use Buffalo Recycled Soap ( Local company that recycles bar soap from hotel rooms and make it into laundry soaps.)  I grow sprouts and lettuce on my window sill most of the year.  I start my tomatoes indoors from seed in February.  I compost.  My kids wear hand-me-downs. I make my daughter guacho capris out of recycled t shirts and tank tops, she loves them.  I love thrift store shopping.  I eat purple potatoes I grew in my garden (they taste the same and are so pretty).  I eat seasonally,  I buy my food grown as close to home as possible.  I make my own freezer jam with local honey, and my own berries.  I cook from scratch, everyday.  My husband makes his own sausage, smoked salmon, and pepperoni.  I live in the countryside.  I recycle anything and everything I can.  I don't change my home decor for the sake of doing it.  I love making my prized possessions last.........    

So is born my eco friendly home line,  I will be eventually offering a pattern collection for those DIYer's.  It all takes time and I want to do really thorough job of it.

Carpe Diem!


  1. I love the idea of crafting a market bag! =) Go for it!

  2. My main point was I was always doing fashion accessories and never much else. I think I wanna be more versatile and functional. Create items for real life that are eco friendly and beautiful.


  3. I think hemp dishcloths and dish towels sound great. :)

  4. I love the idea of what you are doing!
    I tried to crochet a dish scrubber from plarn, my test dish washer uppers loved it - unfortunately they only lasted 2 weeks and then disintegrated!
    I don't cope well with failure and have yet to bounce back :-D

  5. great commitment. I've been thinking about buying produce bags b/c I end up with alot of plastic bags. although I use those for the cat's litter box clean up...I need a better solution for that. any products that are enviromentally friendly are very much needed....!!!