Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just some food for thought.......

This is a vent and some constructive criticism.  I have been seeing a lot of whining and complaining in the Etsy forums about not getting sales, no views, no feedback left, blah, blah balh.......don't get me wrong, its not that I am not a compassionate seller, it just seems there is too much focus on the why's and not enough on improving the product or the shop.

I don't live on the forums,  I don't have time.  I am to busy raising 3 kids, maintaining my marriage, working my regular job and creating items/patterns to sell locally and online.

Ever heard of self full filling prophesy?  How many of those etsians you are complaining to or about are your former or potential customers?  This doesn't rub well with me.

Stop complaining and get to work!  :)

Selling is hard work.  Getting your audience to your items is the hardest endeavor you will try to achieve!

I think there needs to be a "should I open a shop series"?  There is a lot of great artists out that there and they make great items but is there a demand for what these artists are making?  You cannot continue to sell what isn't selling, as much you and Aunt Gertrude like it, it just cannot be.  This is not good business practice.  You will go broke. 
Running an Online shop is no different from running any other type of business, just the venue is different.
I think many of  us need to do more research about what we are trying to sell.  Am I cut out to sell my items?  There is no shame in having someone else sell for you.
I have said this so many times before, don't put all your eggs in one basket!  I consign (not everyone wants to or likes to) at 3 shops locally.  The folks who own these shops help me immensely,  with ideas, suggestions for improvement, whats classic, or a soon passing trend. 

These are the questions I think one needs to ask oneself prior to opening up shop:

1)  Is there a demand?
2)  How original is my creation?  Are there many out there already?
3)  Can I afford to do this?  Monetarily?  Time?  Energy?
4)  Can I afford my supplies?  Is it available wholesale?
5)  Are my creations seasonal?
6)  Can I meet deadlines?  Planning?
7)  How much time do I really have to commit to my shop?
8)  How much will I make, after advertising, fees, taxes, etc.?

This may be a little bit cranky, but I am giving tough love!



  1. Great advice! I guess some people do like to whine and just complain.. I think it might be a way of relieving stress and just letting out steam. Or it could just be passing the blame to someone / something else :)

    I just think that you need to be happy in whatever you do. Running your own business is tough and without the love and passion for what you do / make. It would be tough to survive the hard times.

    God Bless

  2. I love your post!

    MY motto is
    Don't get discouraged...Get busy!

    Have a great day!

  3. so very true!

    Basically you need to write a business plan that address all those points you listed! Once people do that - they have a goal to work towards. It took me 1 month to get my first sale and I was on the forums day and night! Chatting up a storm - it's hard work - you have to commit or get out the kitchen! k

  4. I agree. I wanted to be helpful, I too get discouraged. But it seems there are a few out there whining and not helping themselves. Its hard too to watch people suffer because they are doing there best, and still not getting anywhere. Much luv and positive energy to everyone.


  5. Yes, I agree with you!

    Whenever I see my sales slow down, I think, when the last time I listed something new - chances are, I've slacked off on posting new items and if I do that, my sales go back up.

    I think a some people don't realize their crafts are not high enough quality to be sold successfully. I don't want to be the one to tell them that. But my rule of thumb is, if I would wear this in public, then it's probably good enough to sell-lol.