Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting my stuff out there!

So, business online has been pretty quiet since summer has ended....not sure why?  So, I decided to get there and see what I could come up with on my local scene.

I spoke with a lovely lady named Cindy at the Community Farm Store (Local Organic Produce and lifestyle items)  about 2 weeks ago about selling some of my Hemp Tams.  (Ultimately, you've got to figure out your target audience before doing this.)  I followed up last Friday and she took 9 Hemp Tams( I also sell these Tams and the pattern in my Etsy shop).  This is a start.  Technically this is consigning, but a sale is a sale.
Now for my tags,  I use a handwritten tag for size, price etc. Then I use another card to tell the buyer how to care for their item, and then a business card to round it all off!  I want people to see me. 
Not, every business owner I approach is so willing to take my stuff, but if I don't get off my duff, nothing will sell.  But, every time I get out there it gets easier and easier, not to mention a confidence builder.

Another Good Idea!
WEAR WHAT YOU MAKE!  How can you expect anyone else to wear your stuff if your don't?
I wear what I make, people ask me "where'd you get that?"   I have family and friends commission me to  make gifts.  Go to where your target audience is.  People will notice you, it just takes time,(who has loads of that?).
I have been wanting to do a craft/gift fair for a while but this has been hard because I work weekends.  I am doing a very popular one called Christmas Chaos in November and next spring I will hopefully get a table at the Chemainus Market on Wednesdays.

Next post, researching your materials and  some info on hemp yarn.


  1. I adore this hat... you're right about wearing what you make.. I was knitting up a purse yesterday with my Darn Good Yarn and I was able to give out two bookmarks

    Keep trying the shops! I think it will click! I just know it. Your stuff is way too amazing! We must tell the whole world about your awesomeness!


  2. You rock! Thanks you so much, you have no idea how many times I have wanted to give up and your infectious can-do attitude has given me hope. Things will get going, we just have to hit our target audience. Oh, and about the hat, made one up in Premium Sari Silk last night. TEE HEE!


  3. I love that tam you are wearing!

    Following you!

  4. Actually that is my inhouse model (ie my daughter, Thank you!