Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Sari Silk Patterns Available!!!

So I finished some more patterns this morning.  They are both exclusively available @ www.darngoodyarn.com
So have  a look see!  Feel free to comment and encourage!!!  :)

Believe it or not the second 2 pictures are the same Hat!!!!   What do you think of that?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Recycyled Sari Silk Patterns

So,  I have really noticed that there seems to be a lack of patterns for Recycled Sari Silk out there, especially fro crocheters.  I have been working my keester off to come up with some that really do this yarn some justice.  I love this yarn, the colors are incredible!!!  Mostly I love how it helps the women in Nepal provide for their families and hey,  it is a form of reduce, reuse, recycle!  For more info on the Yarn I use go to www.darngoodyarn.com.
Now, here's some photos of the Patterns I have come up with!


This is just a small sampling of what is to come!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

All about.......Hemp

A large part of this blog is about what I do, how I do it and with what.  With what is a big deal to me.  There has been so much awareness raised about "eco-fashion"  and "eco-textiles", but what does this mean really?  So this is where I am prepared to explore the textiles I am using such as hemp(both raw and mercerized), soy, bamboo, recycled sari silk, and banana silk.
Now, not everyone out there is gonna agree with me on what is "eco-fiber" and what isn't, so I am prepared to take some flack for this.  My purpose of writing this information in my blog is not convince any persons, or change anyone's beliefs, but just to inform those whom are interested about available "eco-fiber".

So, thanks to all those folks who are following me, and supporting my "with what".

Hemp:  Now, hemp is really becoming one of my favorite fibers to work with.  The colors are amazing, rich and saturated.  Amazing Drape!  Now believe it or not it stands up with silk when it comes to drape.  Hemp keeps me cool when it is warm and yes, it keeps me warm when it is cold.  Hemp is comfortable to wear, and softens more and more with use and washing.  No dry cleaning!  :)  Now, I do still hand wash my hand crocheted items, but I don't want to stretch or misshape them, especially when they are wet as this can result in a misshapen finished product.   Hemp combines beautifully with other textiles such as cashmere cotton, silk, soy, tencel (wood fiber) and wool.
Hemp will not stretch, (do not be confused with stretch from your crocheted or knitted fabric), pill, or fade.  Hemp is naturally moth proof, antimicrobial, and UV resistant.  
Hemp plants grow extremely fast, and do well in almost any climate. The same components that make hemp fabrics anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant also make the crop naturally resistant to pests. Hemp requires no or very little use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or even fertilizer.  It's also resistant to weeds because it grows so fast and tall, blocking out sunlight to smaller plants.  Hemp can be grown in the same field year after year with no negative impact on the land. Its long root system aerates the soil and helps control topsoil erosion.  Hemp fiber is very long and that is part of what makes hemp a great textile.  Short fibers such as cotton, ( I am not hacking cotton here), are weaker and more prone to breakage, which shows hemp is incredibly durable.  Hemp is grown in over 31 countries including: Russia, China, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and South Africa.
Hemp is incredibly versatile, it is used as food; hemp hearts (hulled seeds), and oil, textile fiber to make clothing, YARN, rope, canvas, and paper, just to name a few.
The process which is used to convert hemp from a plant into usable fiber is done mostly by machine and requires no chemical process.  So, even the process itself, is earth friendly.
Most hemp yarns are dyed using fiber reactive dyes.  Many consumers also appreciate the eco-friendliness of fiber reactive dyes. Some companies process the dyes with natural ingredients and materials, focusing on creating a product with a minimum of harmful waste. Since the dyes are colorfast, they will not bleed into wash water, leading to a reduction in dye-laden water runoff, which can be harmful for the environment.

So, here's to hemp! 

I hope you found my little blurb informative.  :)

Please note some of the information has been reproduced with permission from Lanaknits.

For more information on Hemp for Knitting and Crocheting Please visit www.lanaknits.com and www.darngoodyarn.com

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sale in my Esty shop this Weekend!  From Saturday October 10 to Monday October 12 all shipping is half price!  I have already lowered my prices, so come take advantage.  Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting my stuff out there!

So, business online has been pretty quiet since summer has ended....not sure why?  So, I decided to get there and see what I could come up with on my local scene.

I spoke with a lovely lady named Cindy at the Community Farm Store (Local Organic Produce and lifestyle items)  about 2 weeks ago about selling some of my Hemp Tams.  (Ultimately, you've got to figure out your target audience before doing this.)  I followed up last Friday and she took 9 Hemp Tams( I also sell these Tams and the pattern in my Etsy shop).  This is a start.  Technically this is consigning, but a sale is a sale.
Now for my tags,  I use a handwritten tag for size, price etc. Then I use another card to tell the buyer how to care for their item, and then a business card to round it all off!  I want people to see me. 
Not, every business owner I approach is so willing to take my stuff, but if I don't get off my duff, nothing will sell.  But, every time I get out there it gets easier and easier, not to mention a confidence builder.

Another Good Idea!
WEAR WHAT YOU MAKE!  How can you expect anyone else to wear your stuff if your don't?
I wear what I make, people ask me "where'd you get that?"   I have family and friends commission me to  make gifts.  Go to where your target audience is.  People will notice you, it just takes time,(who has loads of that?).
I have been wanting to do a craft/gift fair for a while but this has been hard because I work weekends.  I am doing a very popular one called Christmas Chaos in November and next spring I will hopefully get a table at the Chemainus Market on Wednesdays.

Next post, researching your materials and  some info on hemp yarn.