Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Scarf for Rainee Fundraiser

I just wanted to give everyone an update that Rainee is doing very well since her surgery.  She is adjusting very well to only having the sight of one eye.  Which is the best news that we could all hope for.  To date I have raised $70.00 CAD, which in December, my Daughter and I will donate all the funds we have raised at that time to Vancouver Children s hospital.  Thank you for all your support.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy please use the link to my Etsy shop.  :)

Chriss and Billie

Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Belt Pattern

So, I am sorry that this has been so long in the coming, but you can plan and plan and life just seems to happen.

My inspiration came from having a few belts that were worn out belts lying around.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate just throwing things away.  I also think its very important to provide patterns that make durable, useful items that look good on more than a mannequin.   So on to first (yes....there will be more) and most simple, Upcycled Buckle Belt Crochet Pattern....

You will need:
About 150 yards of worsted bulky weight yarn (depending on how long your belt will be,  any kind of yarn, Plarn, or Tshirt yarn would be cool.  If you don't have bulky then hold 2 strands of worsted weight or 3 strands of dk weight yarn together  Recycled Sari Silk looks awesome!)  I used Raw hemp from Darn Good Yarn for the lighter one and Lanaknit Allhemp6 in chocolate for the Darker one.
Size 5.00 mm Crochet Hook.
1.5" Belt Buckle (you can use a different sized buckle, however you will have to adjust the amount of stitches.
Darning needle

Row 1:  Join with a sc to one corner of you buckle, four more sc around buckle, move your swivel pinto middle of buckle and continue to crochet around it, 4 more sc, ( your Buckle should seem  pretty full at this point.
Row 2: Chain 1, does not count as first sc. sc in each sc across, stitches should be done as tight as possible

Repeat Row 2 till desired length, now at this point I recommend crocheting you belt about 3 " shorter than you want it.  Your belt is gonna stretch, and I want you too anticipate this rather than be dissapointed.
To make a pointed end:

Last Rows:
Chain 1, turn, sc2together across first 4 sc, sc in next sc, sc2together across last 4 sc.
Chain 1, turn, sc2 together across first 2 decrease stitches, sc in next sc, sc2 together across last 2 decrease stitches.
Chain 1, turn, sc3 together with last 3 stitches, fasten off, and weave in end. 
Now to help prevent stretching, and to give your belt a nice finish you need to edge your belt in a slip stitch, so with right side facing start at belt buckle, join with slip stitch to belt, now simply put one slip stitch into edge of each row along one side of the belt to the end, then work along the opposite side. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Placing you belt loop is important,  At this point I would try on your belt and using a stitch marker find the best place for your belt loop.
Belt loop:
join with a slip stitch to to side of belt in stitch indicated by your stitch marker, chain 9, slip stitch to stitch parallel from first slip stitch, slip stitch into next stitch ( this works as you turning chain) sc or hdc in each chain of belt loop, across, slip stitch into stitch beside join, fasten off and weave in ends!!!  
Finishing!  If your belt is twisting, I suggest you wash it, gently, following the instructions for your yarn, then roll into a towel and squeeze out excess moisture and lay flat to dry.

Now, I hope you enjoy your belt for a long time to come,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So who's looking for some ways to reuse some perfectly good stuff around their home?  Well, stayed tuned because I gotta free pattern coming up real quick!  I'll give you one clue:  It's a cinch!  LOL.  :)

Whooooo! My first Blog!

I decided that this was probably a better way for peopel to get to know what The Art of Zen.......Crochet is all about.
So here's my little spiel......I have been crocheting for over 14 years now. I am a lefty, not left handed but a left handed crocheter. So if I were to ever be so bold as to write a sweater pattern, I would have to reverse everything, (well not everything, but at least the sleeves!) I love creating items, accessories in particular, that are made with eco friendly textiles, now I know some people have some different views on what that is, so I will tread lightly on this one. I believe in the 3 R's REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. I believe in supporting those less fortunate than we are by purchasing supplies from fair trade, equal opportunity, fair wages/compensation, child labor free, etc. sellers. My favorite supplier is www.darngoodyarn.com
I love growing and do grow as much of my own food and sharing it with others.
Anyways, I will be posting more, but now it is time to get the kids off to school.
So here's to trying something new!